How It Stacks #05.5: Final Fantasy 7 (Part 2)

It’s here, our first 2 part epic ! We are stacking none other than possibly the biggest RPG ever.... Final Fantasy 7 ( insert fanfare). That’s right this is the game you either love or hate. Being Pt 2 JD, Willis, and Bulldog cover the more tangible aspects of the game such as the epic music, possibly some the most memorable characters of all time, the materia system, the game play, and they finally stack the show! Plus, JD searches for his manhood while picking up what's left of his brain after getting his mind blown by CJ’s bomb. Willis gets JD to believe the Rock just might be in Advent children and goes head to head with JD on Aeris’s worth.

Special thanks to Anamanaguchi  for our transition music; and to Geek I/O for hosting our show!

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