Disney Geek I/O Blog: Disney releases a new blog : #DisneyStyle


Disney's big push this year is #DisneyStyle, and to put the focus on that, they have released the brand new Disney Style Blog! This new blog will have sections such as "Beauty", "Celebrity", "Fashion", "Lifestyle", and "News".  Some of the new articles are along the lines of "Tangled New Year's Inspiration" and "Mickey and Minnie Sweater Roundup" with photos of clothing and accessories. 

The Celebrity section will focus primarily on red carpet stories related to Disney properties and, of course, fashion.  They go through details on how to do Elsa's look in Frozen to skin tips from stars of their TV shows.  

And of course, they are not only a blog, they are all over the social media sphere, a Facebook page, Pintrest, twitter, and tubmlr, all of which are connected to the blog!

So, what's your #DisneyStyle ?