(BlizzGeeks) Blizzard News 4-1-14


What a day for us Blizzard fans! There is so much info to go over today so hang on to your hats as we go through each piece of info. It sure has been fun. So much fun that I drudged through work to be able to bring this news to Blizzgeeks.


We start with the World of Warcraft and the early patch notes for 6.0. Personally I think this is shaping up to be one of the greatest patches I have ever seen. Some of the best features I have picked out below but definitely check out the full notes located here.

As part of our efforts to present players with smaller and more easily digestible numbers (the so-called Stat Squish), World of Warcraft has been converted to use a base-20 (vigesimal) number system. As a result, all stats have been decreased by 2BA0E%.

New paid service: Character Bust. Pay to de-level any character back to 1, removing all items, mounts, and gold, so you can relive the good ol days.

In addition to a Proving Grounds medal of Silver or better being required to queue for Warlords of Draenor Heroic dungeons, a medal of Gold or better is now required to post in the forums.

As a part of the pre-expansion launch event, reaching the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid will now display: Thank you! But our Garrosh is in another castle.

Onyxia has stopped breathing altogether. Emergency services have been contacted and are en route

Next Blizzard released the newest Artcraft revealing the new model for the Female Draenei. Honestly its pretty hot if you love the cross eyed look. Also, she can /twerk. Take a look at the full preview located here

Turning to the World of Diablo, Reaper of Souls is not the only game blizzard has been working on recently. Head on over to the Blizzard site for a chance to play the all new Happy Reaper! This is a fantastically addicting game that I will certainly be playing a lot more then RoS and WoW combined. Take a look at the game here and definitely read through the features of the powerful game engine and other information located on the release page for it here. Doesnt Mathael look just happy? I cannot wait to play this on my phone tomorrow while at work!


Get it while it's HotS!


HotS Madness! The next chapter in the Starcraft II universe has a new name. Gone is the old Legacy of the Void title and in with Herald of the Stars! I was not really convinced when I first read through their press release but the more I think about it, the more it makes total sense. Dont believe me though, I unfortunately am not a game designer but their words just make sense. Take a look below at what one developer said of how they came to this decision.

At Blizzard, we constantly strive for optimization. Over the last few years, through deep market analysis, ethnographic study, and highly advanced acoustic research, we have come to scientifically prove that the player community prefers games with titles that form the following acronym: HotS. We were amazed. Its quite unexpected. For some reason, people just synergize with the acronym HotS. In one study, 87% of respondents choose the HotS acronym over another random video game acronym. People seem to like how easy it is to say, how attractive they feel when saying it, and the sudden rise in body temperature associated with such an impactful acronym. Other than that, its baffling, but its awesome at the same time!

There is a lot more that can be found on their press release page so definitely take a look at it. You will be convinced! The official posting can be found here.


Isn't he the cutest little thing you have ever seen? Welcome to Heroes of the Storm.

This one I almost missed in between Happy Reaper and reading through the 6.0 patch notes and wiping the drool from my mouth but I am glad I saw it. Who would not want Void Nap and Tantrum of Terror on the most fearsome character in the Blizzard universe? I know I want that! Today a new hero was unveiled to be the baby form of our favorite DNA spinner Abathur from Starcraft. Just watch the videos here.I cant put it into words about how much I look forward to this hero.

Lastly blizzard has thrown down the gauntlet. While we have Heroes of the Storm featuring the best that the blizzard universe has to offer, we have those that arent quite up there with being the best. We have the outcasts. Enter Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished.

Cain vs Mengsk! Baneling vs treasure Goblin! Mankriks wife vs Gamon!

All star match ups brought to you even with a special limited edition controller sure to make carpal tunnel syndrome look like child's play. Definitely check out their release page and get ready to rumble!!