(CJ's Boathouse) Product Review: OrigAudio's Juicebox External Battery Charger

Product: OrigAudios Juicebox External Battery Pack

Cost: $24.99

Site: http://www.origaudio.com/shop/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=29948

Product tested on (if applicable): Nexus 4

This little devil packs a punch! In box it comes with the device (of course) a micro-USB cable and a side of squid which is Origs multi-connector adapter which gives an adapter for the iPhone 4s (and below) iPhone 5, macro-USB and micro-USB adapter for all of your device charging goodness.


Now, I have reviewed other battery packs in the past, and this one is really a strong contender.  It charges quickly when connected to a USB-2 or an AC adapter, taking less than 3 hours to go from almost dead to fully charged.  The charging of my phone takes a little longer than what i expected from the mAH on the device, but it certainly gets the job done with more to spare (around 1-2 lights of power remaining charging from dead phone to 100%). The only downside I can find in this little juicy toy is the adapter end tends to run a bit hotter than I would like.  

That being said, for the cost of $24.99, it is hard to beat it, plus the fact that it comes with an omni adapter with everything you could possibly want is a DEFINITE upside.

Also, do yourselves a favor and look at the way the site is set up, its all menu-y and awesome looking. Also, the box is REALLY awesome, and had the kid's the questioning why I was opening a juice box that they wanted to drink from.

My rating: