(The Android Realm) The Android Realm App Review CCleaner

Do you find yourself losing lots of app space without reason? Want to clean up storage usage by your myriad of apps? Then CCleaner is the app for you!

CCleaner works much like its Windows counterpart but for your Android device. It scans your device's cache to find app cache that can be safely cleared. It also scans your browser history (space used vs. actual content), phone call logs and SMS logs to clear those out at the push of a button as well. Login info and other necessary app info is not cleared so it is along the lines of cleaning your browser history except applied to your device. App performance should improve along with marginal device performance improvements (may be a placebo effect but it depends on your device as well). The second ability that CCleaner provides is the ability to sort apps by storage used on the device and unsinstall any app. The final ability is the ability to view CPU & RAM usage, storage space used and battery level & temp.

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