(Life of an Accounting Droid) Life of an Accounting Droid Suicide Squad Official Trailer 1

Today we got the first official trailer to Suicide Squad, coming August 2016. While I don't know too much of its backstory, we do get a movie that is more from the "villain's" point of view including the Joker, Harley Quinn and Deadshot. The trailer is pretty well done but what I like the most from it is the underbelly, pseudo-Vegas feel of the towns and environment. While there is not much as far as plot, we do learn that the squad is assembled to take on some threat and it would seem that some havoc ensues. In any case, the movie looks quite intriguing and I can't wait to see how it fits into the DC film world. Of course, the trailer is helped with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody interspersed with lines like "We're bad guys, it's what we do."