(The Mana Pool (Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast)) The Mana Pool #15: "I'm an elf now!"

Join your DM CJ Boat and the adventures Jarred Azevedo, Raul Gaza, Andy Young and Dale Campbell as they continue their journey in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition.

We were synced up despite the internet lag and everything will be great...other than the funeral.

We gazed in awe at the most greenest green you have ever greened and bid farewell to our comrade Kai.  Our hearts heavy, we celebrated Kai with Fire! Fire! Fire!, Dricu hit the dance floor, Dhalgrens spider sense tingled, Saltaba couldnt find anything to burn, and we said goodnight to Captain Sparkelpants. There was also the elf god guy, the other fairy, and a weird wind dance thing.  We were all pretty winded.

Join us on The Mana Pool, wont you?  We will...never mind...I wont reveal my secrets.