(The Mana Pool (Dungeons & Dragons live play podcast)) The Mana Pool #14: "Map Shenanigans"

Join your DM CJ Boat and the adventures Jarred Azevedo, Raul Gaza, Andy Young and Dale Campbell as they continue their journey in the world of Dungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition.

The party is back right where we left them: surrounded by enemies and ready to fight for their lives!  So, a punchy guy and a stabby guy walk into a cave

Saltaba brings the smack talk and finally gets to light things on fire, Davdak works his dagger and rolls 20 on the wrong end, Dhalgren takes many punches, Kai shoves it in his mouth and drinks it, and Dricu explodes a rock knights face.  The battle rages on, and ultimately we made the eagles cry.  No more drinks?  No!  More drinks!

Join us on The Mana Pool, wont you?  Youll get a bonus and a bon-bon.