The Android Realm App Review Santa Tracker

In time for the month of December, Google has released an all new fun app for Christmas. In addition to a countdown timer and surprises for various dates in the month, the app also includes fun games to play in the meantime.

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One game is rolling mint candy into a bin. The trick in this game comes in because the candy canes change positions and different numbers of candy drop each time to navigate into the bin. The game is similar to the old 80s Donkey Kong game where Mario has to navigate around the barrels but where there is no Mario.

The next game is a matching game in what looks like a gingerbread house. The number of matches to be made varies in each round.

The third game is a jetpack game where the player gets points for collecting ornaments and gifts.

A more fun game is a Santa sleigh ride which is similar to Jetpack Joyride where the player must navigate Santa to pick up various gifts.

The final game is a simple and fun game with Santa, one of Santa's helpers, a snowman and a reindeer which have their own animations.