Dale Reviews 4 - Memento

Suggested by: Jared Budlong

TITO Rating: 1  (yep we're back to crap movies)

My interpretation of the plot: After Trannie Adam thinks he has an accident and bumps his head,  Lennard, who can't remember what he had for breakfast, goes on an adventure to try and find the lowlife who murdered and raped his wife.

Back story: As hinted above, Guy Pearce played trannies Adam Whitely and Felicia Jollygoodfellow in 1994's "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" (TITO connection.) As for this movie, it appeared in several best of lists. Including Steven Jay Schneider's "1001 Movies You Must See You Die". It was number 976 (above Dancer in the Dark)

Now for the review....This has to be the worst film I have ever seen! This movie is soo bad. The actors looked so uncomfortable and the delivery of the dialogue is like interacting with cardboard. I get the concept, but I think it could be executed better. Also, there was nothing to hold on to in this movie, no joy, no comic relieves...nothing! I had more fun with BloodRayne for crying out load, and the only reason this got a higher score is this had some production value to it.

Some other notes. (Man did I get some notes) Skipping over most of my notes, Watching Guy piecing this puzzle together was like watching a two year old trying to build a table. This movie had a lot of inappropriate f-bombs, maybe that's just me as I don't use them often. Oh, getting back to the concept real quick,  I know the movie was meant to have the inter-crossing storyline but I think this movie would have been better without it. I was sitting there wondering which storyline we were on, and I know the blank and white filter was meant to help but it didn't as they forgot to change it back towards the end. Lastly aren't we glad that Polaroid Cameras were still a thing in the year 2000. What would they use instead  if this movie would be re-made...not a laptop with a digital camera...he would loose it every 10 minutes. Actually, I surprised he didn't loose his files even once. 

I am deferentially stopping my notes there....you would be here all day if I didn't. 

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