Dale Reviews 5 - The Evil Dead

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Dale Reviews 5 - The Evil Dead

Suggested by: Jarred A

TITO Rating: 8

My interpretation of the plot: In this cheesy film where a group of young people decide to go to for a weekend camping trip to a spooky place in the middle of the woods. One by one, each member of the group gets dragged to come to the dark side. 

Back story/Fun Fact: 

Because of the crew's inexperienced nature, filming was a "comedy of errors". The very first day of filming led to the crew getting lost in the woods during a scene shot on a bridge. Several crew members ended up getting injured during the shoot, and because of the cabin's remoteness, it made securing medical help very difficult.

Now for the review....and I think that it's that comedy of errors and the cheese factor that makes this movie so enjoyable to watch. Now, I'm not a huge fan of this genre, so I didn't really pay attention to most of the second half of this film, however, some of those parts were laughable.

Some other notes.  One of my main notes (apart from pointing out all of the cheese factor points) is that the way to listen to audio books in 1981 is to pull out the biggest tape machine and by plugging tangled up pair of headphones. Also, with the welcome dinner, what type of food was that! That is something that I wouldn't even feed my cat. Lastly, this movie had a horrible attempt at porn, with the whole tree and the lady scene that went for WAY to long. Overall, I had fun laughing at this movie campyness but  if you aren't into that...this movie is not for you!

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