Comic Geek I/O Issue 13: Batdevil, Super-mazing spider man, and Walter Luthor

Welcome Comic Geek I/O (The official podcast of the Comic Collective) - issue 13, I’m your host, CJ Boat! Joining me this week is PJ (hi PJ). Jon’s off getting ready for school!

How are you tonight?

-Done any comic reading? (non-spoiler portion)

The Justice League of Canada eh? (URL) (OTHERWISE KNOWN AS THE JL EH!)

Bradley Cooper cast as Rocket Racoon (URL)
Miles Morales coming to 616 (URL)
Grant Morrison: “Batman kills Joker, That’s why it’s the Killing Joke” (URL)

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Ben Affleck cast as Batman (URL)


From: Darrell Shayler:

I have to say, you need to have that conversation on Superior Spider-Man Vs Amazing Spider-Man.

My two cents on the subject:

it's fair to say that I'm a huge Spider-Man fan who completely mourns the loss of Peter Parker - I also don't think that what we have now is any better necessarily but it is Different.

This is a Spider-Man who still holds that, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ but interprets that ethic with a super-villian’s super-mind; he can see that letting mass murderers live will only result in further death when they inevitably escape. He has the power to stop them and so he assumes the responsibility of doing so. This is a Spider-Man who got Jameson to side with him, and then stabbed him in the back anyway. It’s helped along by some artwork and writing that’s consistently of a high quality and most of all the fact that it’s different means it’s also unpredictable and that’s a huge deal in a series that was at the risk of becoming stale.

That said, things are building to something – possibly an ending. With each act that opposes the old Spider-Man’s ideals the new one walks closer to his villain origins – although with Spider Island 2 and his own mooks it seems he’s practically wall-sprinting towards them… perhaps building up to an event that will return Peter Parker to the driving seat but in a much different New York and a huge mess to clean up?

I guess my take on it is that it’s well executed and different and as long as I have some security in that it’s not going to be like this forever, I can sit back and enjoy the ride. And don't tell me that you didn't laugh a little when Doc Ock got to gloat about getting there first.

Hmm, that turned into my fifteen cents in the end... keep the change :)


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Comic Geek I/O - Issue 13

Comic Geek I/O Issue 11: X-Webcomics McNinKick

This week on Comic Geek I/O, I'm joined by The Geek I/O Show's very own Jarred Azevedo, we talk Webcomics, X-men, Kick Ass (and how you totally shouldn't see it until 3 weeks after it comes out), Dr. McNinja and much much MORE! 

Show notes

Comic Geek I/O Issue 11


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Comic Geek I/O Issue 10: Mega Buster me After Class

Welcome Comic Geek I/O - issue 10, I’m your host, CJ Boat! Joining me this week once again, AWESOME PRODUCAH MAN! Jon Slater! This week we are going to be reviewing Mega Man #25, Deadpool #9, and See Me After Class

How are you tonight?

Done any comic reading? (non-spoiler portion)

Slater’s Comics: Fairy Tail - Manga. Celestial wizard Lucy wants to join the Fairy Tail, a guild for the most powerful wizards. But instead, her ambitions land her in the clutches of a gang of unsavory pirates led by a devious magician. Her only hope is Natsu, a strange boy she happens to meet on her travels. Natsu's not your typical hero - but he just might be Lucy's best hope.

Now, the NEWS!

CJ: DC Comics cancels more series! (this month’s cancellations) // (August cancellations)

Slater: June 5th. Kick-ass The Trilogy? Mark MIller’s costumed high school bad ass kids wont have a return to the theaters until august, but hang onto your butts kids, because comic readers can dive into the third chapter of their violent superhero story in Kick Ass 3. This eight issue series is the last for Kick-Ass and Hit Girl. Here’s to hoping that it ends on a high note.

Slater: Action Comics No. 1 found in insulation of wall.

Slater: Preview Artwork for X-men #2 available.

The comic will be published on June 26th this year. The writer: Brian Wood, and Penciler: Oliver Coipel.

<1 minute clip from Slater on his sound board>

<break time!>


Deadpool #9

I am a old school Deadpool fan, because none of his comics make any sense! The humor is amped up, and reveals a little more serious sides to the Merc with a mouth in this issue.

PREVIOUSLY: Deadpool had to kill ressurected old POTUSes by some forlmer S.H.I.E.L.D guy, who now is Deadpool’s friend.... during this, his “handler” from SHIELD was killed and was sucked into Deadpool’s head by the necromancer so Wade could bring her back to life.  Now, not only is there Wade the man and Deadpool the psychopath, there is now a woman... which adds hilarious things!

THIS ISSUE: We start with Deadpool unconcious and his inner female, Agent Preston trying to wake him up, and DP utters “Eleanor” which makes Preston very curious.  Previous to this, DP has made it very hard for her to get anywhere outside of the front lines, so she takes advantage to get into the deep portions of Wade’s mind, trying to see how truly sick he is.  She finds a beautiful room of all of how Wade sees himself. Everywhere from a thinker, to a shitter, to a killer, to a strong person, to art, to a weakling.  In this, there is a dark area that she is COMPLETELY locked out from.

WHERE’S THE PLOT!? The Necomancer flashes some cops, gets tased in the nuts, and winds up on Ryker’s island (because that happens quick IRL) to break out. He teleports DP and the ghost of Thomas Jefferson (don’t ask) to jail, and teleports them all into a dungeon, trying to find out how to kill a demon, who serves Mephisto, and is currently tormenting them.  The trail leads them to a super, named “Artie” who is a lifeguard and also can talk to fish (HA! Dumb Aquaman) DP kills him, and awakens Vetis (said demon) who is trying to overthrow Mephisto, and is going to haunt DP and Preston until he gets his wish. DP gets the idea to reveal the plot to Mephisto, but cannot die, so... he kills the necromancer. AND SCENE

POINTS: You don’t read Deadpool for plot and coherence, but this book actually had a good amount of them, love the art, humor, and plot, 8/10

Mega Man #25

FIGHT OF THE CENTURY ROUND TWO! Mega man is in charge here, and Rush, Beat, Eddie and Tango (that green cat) are ready to bust Sonic up! First, Mega Man gets his buster repaired, and the fight continues! Sonic is faced with Rush, the flying awesome dog, and pew pew and punchy punchy happens.  

Suddenly, the two finally get to talking, which is what happens, and they realize they are not bad guys.  Wiley and Eggman realize what is going on, and unleash the power of Tails Man upon them! The fight is actually pretty short, where both Sonic and Megs get to show they are really good guys by saving civilians from the evil Robot Master Tails.  Sonic goes ape-shit on Tails Man, and Megs does his soul devouring power to reveal... TAILS IS ALIVE!

Sonic has his buddy back! Also a way to really realize what is going around, since Sonic doesn’t really do the thinky thing. The reunion is short lived because Bass and Metal Sonic are attacking Dr. Light’s lab! They teleport quick! Which makes Sonic sick. The fight doesn’t last very long, with the combined power of Mega Man, Proto Man, Tails, and Sonic fighting them.  The plan is hatched, where all the good guys are going to go after the bad guys to the Skull Egg Zone, and leave behind Roll and DUO! Yes, Em EFFIN DUO! to protect Dr. Light.  

Arc the first of this series is complete! Next time: Good vs. Evil! TO THE SKULL EGG ZONE!

POINTS: Off from a weak start, this series is really kicking ass now: 9/10, still wish I could get a double-sized issue with all of this going on.

“See me after class” volume 1 written by Munyuu of Project.XXX a “Boys manga” not a dirty “Hentai” manga by traditional means. The story takes place in Tokyo. A young male student by the name of Yuuki Kagami is enrolled into the Horin Academy. It’s an elite academy for students both male and female. Ms. Ayana Kazinozaka messed up the room assignment for the new freshman, and has him living in the womens dorm. The principal is well aware of the situation as they discuss the matters in her office. She states that if any problem(s) arise he’ll be expelled and Ms. Ayana Kazinozaka will be fired. Ayana takes it upon herself to live with Yuuki in the same room. She forces him to crossdress to eat in the mess hall with the other girls, but that’s not the only problem, he has to cross dress just to take a shower in the womens dorm. He can’t sneak out in the middle of the night because they have timed baths. Much hilarity ensues in this funny comic, and Ms. Kazinozaka takes it upon herself to make sure that young yuuki’s sexual fantasies of a maturing boy are well met with her strutting around in her dorm room half naked, and having him spank her a few times. According to her ‘if you don’t let it out, you’ll turn to sex crimes.’ The action really heats up when one of Yuuki’s school mates by the name of Risa Takabane comes back into the women’s bath with Yuuki. Will she discover Yuuki’s secret of being a male and have him expelled? Well I’m not going to fully spoil it for you, so you’ll just have to go get the book yourself.


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Comic Geek I/O Issue 10

Comic Geek IO Issue 9: Sonic fights Superior-like!

Welcome Comic Geek I/O - issue 9, I’m your host, CJ Boat, welcome back! Joining me this week once again, AWESOME PRODUCAH MAN! Jon Slater! This week we are going to be reviewing Sonic the Hedgehog #248,Superior Spider man, (and anything Slater wants to do a review on)

How are you tonight? I’m doing awesome. Damn it’s hot in seattle today. 81 Degrees today. Wow!

Done any comic reading? I have actually. I read Superior Spider Man 009 that came out last week, and I’m so pissed off because of it. I also read quite a bit of the Naruto Manga. Not exactly caught up with everyone else, but I’m on Chapter 521 where Kabuto is talking about how to cancel the Edo Tensei with Uchiha Madara. I learned through my naruto research that the nine tails fox actually has a name, and goes by Kurama.  I’m also reading a manga called “Sword Art Online.” I watched all of the anime which is awesome, so i’m reading the manga to compare and see if there’s anything I missed. It’s written by Reki Kawahara.

Now, the NEWS!

CJ: Free Comic Book Day happened on May 4th, and you can still pick up a TON of digital comics for free on Comixology!

CJ: Dynamite Entertainment Comics Now Available Through Dark Horse Digita

<break time!>

Slater Rants on Superior Spider Man 009 8/10

Next, moving onto this week’s review!

Sonic the Hedgehog #248

Well, this book gets down to the meat of the first act of this arc, SONIC VERSUS MEGA MAN! That's right, no friend making yet, first TIME FOR BADASS!

The book starts off in the Green Hill Zone, where Sonic and Mega Man are pretty evenly matched, but with Sonic having the home field advantage,  he's able to confuse and beat down on Mega, almost destroying him.

During this fight, there is color commentary from Wiley / Robotnik, with even the comment from Wiley of "Your nemesis is covered in spikes, and if there is anything I have learned is that Mega Man hates spikes!" The commentary is actually quite interesting and humorous.

The fighting CONTINUES! Sonic draws Mega to the brink of defeat, and CUT SCENE to Dr. Light, who figures out that there was a GIANT RING PORTAL that took Mega from his land into the other land, and he gets it open. Mega distracts Sonic, and bolts into the ring, Sonic of course follows, into Mega Man's world!

Then, the badass cliche'd exit, the tides turn, Mega does his awesome "I got weapon!" Stance, and then calls for his backup! RUSH! … some cat… and the blue bird guy, but RUSH YOU GUYS!

Next week: Round 2, Mega Man vs Sonic!

It's a very solid book, it meets the speed of Sonic in Sonic's book, so you're expecting fast paced BANG BANG BANG, but unlike the first book, it doesn't feel too … rushed (HA!)

A solid  8/10, little plot, but AWESOME FIGHT TIME, and every book needs that sooner or later!


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Comic Geek IO Issue 9

(repost)Comic Geek I/O Issue 8: Of Sex, Sonic, Preachers, and Lanterns

Welcome Comic Geek I/O - issue 8, I’m your host, CJ Boat, welcome back! Joining me this week once again, the world’s greatest producer, from the Geek I/O Show, Jon Slater!

Now, the NEWS!

May 1st 2013: Marvel aims to Anger Fans. The release of Superior Spider-Man #9 brings a strange solicitation from marvel: “The hottest comic in comics comes to a turning point that will get you angrier than you were after ‘Amazing Spider-Man #700!’ This implies Marvel is cooking up a crazier idea than Doctor Octopus living in Peter Parkers Brain. Can’t wait to what this is!

May 9th 2013: Death leads to madness. Bruce Wayne is having a hard time coping with the death of of his son. Madness is sinking in. what does this mean for the future of Batman? You’ll want to read all of the Bat-books, including this day’s Batman & Robin release, to find out.

May 22 2013: American Mcgee Enters Comics. Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the kickstarter game created by American Mcgee and his team at Spicy Horse, is being adapted into a Dark Horse Comic Book. This store re-envisions Red Riding Hood in Japanese folklore and is penned by Justin Aclin. The first issue hits shelves this day.

<break time!>

Next, moving onto this week’s review!


Sonic Universe # 51

Writer: Ian Flynn

Artist: Tracy Yardley

This book! OMG THIS BOOK! This is *EXACTLY* what I wanted from this crossover, and completely negates every question that I had with the last issue, and raises several more GREAT questions!

It gets into why Sonic and Mega Man are fighting, as well as displays every awesome sub character you like (and some you don't) the Chaotix, Silver the Time-Traveller Hedgehog (I like calling him Dr. Hedge), Roll, Proto Man (his "real" name is Blues? REALLY!? ugh), and METAL SONIC! (thrashing guitars sting)

Now, why didn't I mention Tails, and those guys? Well.. THEY ARE ROBOT MASTERS!! The combined technology of Eggman's turning animals into robots, and Wily's ability to properly weaponize robots have turned Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and Amy into ROBOT MASTERS! (for those who don't know, that's Mega Man's bad guys, if you don't know that though, seriously, go play some Mega Man), and also there is a "copy bot" who is able to copy Mega Man's powers, but using Eggman's duplication technology, and using those two forces allows the two true blue heroes into combining their forces, and why they are fighting.

OK, now on the art on the book.  Let's start at the cover page, AWESOME old school Capcom type selection screen, and is awesome! ( I just said that, but oh well) Now, the art into the book: it is less awesome than the cover, but that's like saying Sonic CD is less awesome than Sonic 3 (that is, not too much lower, not one bit.).

I LOVE THIS BOOK! But … how much pain did the Sonic Friends have to go through to be Robo-cized? And, also, HOW DID HE GET SHADOW!? Man, I'm *VERY* excited now!


Sex #2

Writer: JIm Casey

Artist: Piotr Kowalski

Alright, I'm still not drawn into this book.  In the last issue, the art was the main thing drawing me in, and this book it's the same thing.  It feels very Surrogates, very cell-shady, and fun.  

I have a feeling this book could feel very, or is attempting to come off as, very Preacher crossed with Incorruptible, but it is coming up short.  I think I am going to try again next month, but I'm still not fully invested, 3 books is usually where I cut it if I am not invested.

As per the "sex"… well, there is still not a whole lot, when your entire marketing campaign is involved with SEX, there should be more SEX, and apparently in book 3 they are going to get more into that.  I will give the artist something, he draws nekkid people very well. All in all, a meh, but on the better side of meh.


Comic Geek I/O Issue 8

(repost)Comic Geek I/O issue 7 - Full show, banned comics, Mega Iron Man!

Welcome to the very FIRST FULL episode of Comic Geek I/O - issue 7, I’m your host, CJ Boat, welcome back. This is the first time I am going to be doing a full show. First, the NEWS!

Next, moving onto this week’s review!


Iron Man: Season 1

Writer:Howard Chaykin

Artist: Gerald Parel

This is the first of the 3rd wave of Marvel's "Chapter 1" initiate, where you try to catch up new readers to their decades old stories. I did not realize these were a thing really, as I actually just got back into Marvel comics recently (like a couple of issues before Marvel NOW! started), but as a comic geek, I knew Tony Stark's origin. I would have not picked this up, but I happened to go over to the hardcover section for some reason, and I saw a classic Iron Man, and went "oooooh". I do want to preface this by saying, I did NOT buy this book, why you ask? Because it's TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. So I borrowed it from my friend, who is a Marvel fanatic, and apparently has all of the Season One books (which I am surprised by) and sat down with this relatively fat book.

This is a retelling and a modernizing of Iron Man's origin, which is pretty much the same as before, Tony is a giant shmuck, who gets kidnapped while over seas (this time in China, again) and gets something blown into his chest, that inexplicably inches very slowly toward his heart, and has to have something stop it or he'll die. Instead of helping the terrorist, him and his Obi Wan (who I think changes his name each iteration), they build a Iron Man prototype.

The leader of the terrorists is one of Tony's old college friends, who likes to talk about the "Great Satan" and pretty much talks like a modern Jihadist in the Middle East. When Tony blows up the place, the guy gets to become a broken Iron Man-type. Very similar to the armor from the first Iron Man movie (where my, like most as of late, Iron Man interaction comes from), and he takes it to go beat the crap out of Tony, mainly for blowing the crap out of his terrorist organization, but also because the Great Satan deserves it.

The main thing that I don't get is this kind of quickly jumps from Tony's alcohol, and kind of jumps over the whole Demon in the Bottle arc, where Tony meets his inner demons, and stops drinking. I say this because Tony jumps almost immediately from being Iron Man to going to AA.

All in all, if you're an Iron Man fan, I'd say pick it up, the art is very good, i really liked the looks of the armor, and each person looks unique, if they are meant to. If you're not a huge Iron Man fan, do what I did, and borrow it. It's worth a read, but may not be worth $25 ($20 digital).


Mega Man # 24

From: Archie Comics

Writer: Ian Flynn

Artist: Jamal Peppers

This issue begins by far the BIGGEST comic crossover ever: Sonic and Mega Man!

I am a *HUGE* fan of this idea, we needed this years ago, and we need a video game of it too! Oh well, onto the comic!

The art in this is pretty great, it's very cartoon-y, and captures the characters very well, and amazingly.

That's where it all goes to shit.

The only thing I can think of is WHAT!? I have no idea what is going on in this book, it does the horrible trope that I hate: start in the middle of a epic fight (Sonic vs Mega Man? WTF!?) and then it scrambles to try to get to the beginning as quickly as possible.  I still don't get what is going on fully at this point.  Somehow a chaos emerald crosses universes and winds up in Dr. Wily's lap, and then it can somehow communicate with Dr. Eggman!? Ugh… I'm still going to pick up EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of this crossover, but as it right now, I am not a fan of how this story is going.

The heroes are hardly developed at all in this, and the fight is not described at all, the villains are how they are portrayed in this issue.  While you get the definition of how frankly obtuse Eggman & Wiley are, you don't get much, and it is all strung together as quickly as possible, and just trying so hard to shovel so much of this not explained plot into one issue.

What I did love were some of the robot masters in the background (Snake Man and Hard Man FTW) working with the Eggbots too, building their "zone" (ugh)

My only thing with things like this are: if you are going to advertise this as your biggest crossover ever, and you draw in people like me, who did not even know a Mega Man comic existed, you need to give some backstory, and NOT do the trope of middle to beginning to middle to end.

I'm in, because you have my 2 favorite characters EVER EVER, but please make it better...


Comic Geek I/O Issue 7

(repost)Comic Geek I/O Issue 6 - Incinvible 101

Sorry for late post on this one, but here it is!

Comic Geek I/O Minute

Issue 6

Comic reviewed: Invincible #101

Special notes:

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute issue 6 for March 27 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Invincible #101 from Image Comics by Robert Kirkman with art by Ryan Otley.

This issue of Invincible is a direct follow up to the VERY action packed last issue, where the entire universe changed for the more awkward.  Anyway, there is no fighty fight in here, which is very odd, considering this book is usually full of action.  This is a very character progression story, Mark’s back in his original Invincible costume, which I think is a continuity error, but I can’t remember, it’s been almost TWO MONTHS. Which leads me to really my only issue with this book - the inconsistency of release dates. They even know they are doing it and acknowledge it.  This is a GREAT jumping on point however.  This is a basic reintroduction of where the characters are at in the story, as well as a direct flashback on the previous issue’s events and cataclysmic happenings.

Keep Calm and Geek Out

- CJ

Comic Geek I/O issue 6

(repost)Comic Geek I/O - Issue #5 - SEX! #1

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for March 20 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Sex #1 from Image Comics by Joe Casey with art by Piotr Kowalski.

You can probably guess why I picked this up. That’s right, because it’s by Image Comics, pervs.  There’s a surprisingly low amount of sex in this, in fact it’s so far more about a superhero trying to get adjusted to civilian life while trying to maintain morals in Saturn City (totally NOT Las Vegas).  It is 3 pages before the book ends before there is any sex, and at that point it will show you really what is going to be the rest of the book will be like.  I will probably be picking this up, because yeah... sexy time... The art is not bad, not really my style of art, but I am acutally getting into it.  The lady bits are not overdone and neither is the guy, even though you KNOW he is “packing” if you know what I mean.

Thanks for listening, talk to you next week! I’ll be covering Invincible #101 from Image Comics


Comic Geek I/O Issue 5

No CGIO for 2 weeks

Hi Geeks!

While I am still reading comics, I have no time to put up a new issue for the next 2 weeks, and while it is only two weeks, I wanted to let you all know what was going on.  

See you all in 3 weeks!

Keep Calm and Geek Out


(repost)Comic Geek I/O - Issue #4 - Dial H #10

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for March 13 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Dial H # 10 by China Mieville & art by Alberto Pontecelli. Dial H (for Hero) is a huge homage to the Golden Age of comics (pre WWII)... let’s get it right off the rip, I’m not a fan of this age of comics, where Superman was Captain America, Green Lantern was allergic to all things yellow, and Aquaman ONLY spoke to fish.  Yeah... That... In this issue of Dial H, it starts off with a naked man with a bloodhound head and a rocket strapped to his back who is completely obiedient to his “master” who happens to be the giant fat man who is controlling the Hero Dial.  It turns out that there are TWO dials, a H-Dial and a S-Dial (S stands for SIDEKICK! Go figure....)

I’m going to take a step back and explain that there are two people who stole the H-Dial (that transforms these people into golden age heroes, like Bumper Carla... ugh) originally, a VERY old woman and a VERY fat stupid man... and the VERY old woman takes the H dial, and the fat guy takes the S, and they fight crime and “it felt so good having her direct me” … yeah... ugh... so, the issue ends with the very old woman metamorphed into a hot lady and the fat guy was morphed into a dumbass... and they made out at the end of the issue, and I put the book down and immediately said I’M DONE! I got this issue only because I wanted to say something bad about a comic on this segment, it’s been a bit... I’m doing something good next week.  

Thanks for listening, talk to you next week! I’ll be covering SEX! #1 from Image Comics


Geek I/O Issue 4

Comic Geek I/O - Issue #3 - Saga #10

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for March 6 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Saga # 10, written by Brian K Vaughn and art by Fiona Staples.  

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Thanks for listening, talk to you next week!

Geek I/O episode 3

(Repost)Comic Geek I/O - Issue #2 - Action Comics #17

Comic reviewed: Action Comics #17

Special notes: Last AC w/ Grant Morrison as writer

This is the Comic-Geek I/O minute for February 27 2013! I am your host CJ Boat - Welcome back!

This week I am reviewing Action Comics #17 - the last AC with Grant Morrison writing, which is sad, Morrison is one of my favorite writers, second maybe to Brian K Vaughn or Geoff Johns (I can’t choose!)

In this issue: Superman’s epic battle through reality is winding down! The villians of Supe’s past are starting to show their more dark sides, he is beating beaten by the “Last Knight of Krypton” a superman from tanother dimension! He is thrust through time, attempting to get help from a displaced alternate universe Legion of SuperHeroes, his ma and pa are dead, then they’re alive, and then they’re dead again? This issue went all over the place, and I am not even sure what happened.  The biggest dissapointment in this is Morrison usually likes to end an arc with him leaving, and that just simply didn’t happen... I wil probably pick up the final issue of this arc, but I don’t know about after, I’m not the biggest Superman fan in the world, though this is better in every way than the “Superman” book, soo...yeah. I’d say check it out, it’s not terrible, espexially if you can follow Morrison’s writing and however the hell this is supposed to go. t

This episode has been brought to you by Tweaked Audio! 7 styles, 7 colors, designed for amazing talk and music, mic’d and non mic’d, and a lifetime warranty.  Check them out at and use the checkout code GEEK for ⅓ off your order AND Free shipping, again go to and use the checkout code Geek, thank you for your support!

Comic Geek I/O issue 2

CJ on Comics! (Coming soon!)

Hey everyone! I decided to create a space for myself to goof around on while I am not on the show proper.  I am going to talk about things I am geeky about, and whatnot.  So, my first solo endeavour is CJ ON COMICS!  I am going to put out a short little snippet on 2-5 comics a week, will probably at MOST 10 minutes, going to try to make it shorter.  I am going to submit it to Geek I/O to play while I am gone, and also going to create it's own little mini-cast and put it up on iTunes, because, why not!? PLEASE NOTE: This is going to contain spoilers!  I will try to not ruin major plot points, but I WILL GO OVER THE COMIC IN DETAIL!