The Geek I/O Show: Episode 251: Quintessential Professionals

Video games, smart homes, and a guest star, oh my! With Dale and the Boats off adventuring in the great Down Under, Josh, Raul, and Kerry are joined by the one and only Jared Budlong! Plans for a trivia game fall by the wayside as we dig deep into workplace HVAC shenanigans, smart home technology, and how playing with drones can (literally) go sideways.

We discuss: Quintessential Professionals, Lonzo & Oscar, Ferris Bueller Shenanigans, We Have a Crowbar, When the Drones Attack, Psychological Scarring, Faceplant into a toilet and got a scar, I Used to Shoot Weddings, Give Babies Cancer, and Don't show the drone Terminator.

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The Geek I/O Show: Episode 250: Dacos and a Tollar

It's E3 season, and the Geek I/O Show is pulling into the dock to break down some of the most exciting new announcements in our favorite style: a Dale Game! Our hosts try to figure out badly explained E3 titles, talk about our favorite new Wednesday night drinking game, and more!

We talk about: Rejiggering the Kerfuffle, What Kind of Mayonnaise are YOU Eating?, You missed Dale's big dock, He's got more than one?, Dale makes the bitches howl, Dale would SO wear that dress!, Friday Doesn't Exist, Keep your Hands to yourself, The Marine F-word, Don't Anger The Night Bot, Pull Your Bits Outs!, America just ruins things, Make Loot Boxes Great Again, Always stay hydrated, and Call of Duty Battlefield Bullshit.

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The Geek I/O Show: Episode 249: Surprise! It's a Chinese Bootleg!

This week on the Geek I/O Show, when the Boats are away, the rest of the hosts will play! Dale fires up the Generic Live Time Machine for a game of epic proportions. How well does the gang know each other? Find out this episode!

We discuss: The Problem with Pineapple Lumps,Southwest Texas: Not a Hoot, Use The Stumps, Vocab on the Barbie, Mummy and Daddy Boat Love Each Other Very Much, Pack Everything In Generic Live File Cabinet, The Man Dollar Effect, Two Docking Boats!, The wait was worth the pun, Already Hot for Dale, Dale running away from home to join The Circus, Speaking of Vista Dudes, Dale Unhinged, Haaaaaaaaaat, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Bad Comments Loading, We Have 2 Whole Viewers Tonight!, Incoming!!!! Not Last Night Because I Was Drinking, Give Me God Of War, What Else does Halo Have? Do the thing......Do the thing! Microphone Mutation, Al Pacifico Remembers, rip not 69, Nobody's scoring, The Jazz-Off Effect, Dun Dunnn Daaaaaleeee!, Dalegonball Z, And Ninjas!

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The Geek I/O Show: Episode 238: "No, Siri, No!"

This week on the Geek I/O Show, the team is joined by Brandt Cooley, the one and only Professor Shyguy, to talk about the Kickstarter for his new album, and also to rant and review Pacific Rim: Uprising!

We discussed: 

You’re Doing The Robot Dance, No Siri, No!, Zarya vs. Tracer, "I kinda didn’t like major’s mark", Every Kiss Begins with Jarred, They’re Not Black and White To Me, Big Fucking Weird Nap, Walking Through Places and Knocking Random Shit Over, Isn't That Just a Bounce House?, Leave My Toppings Alone, She Looked Like A Hot Mess, The World’s Best Meat Easting Vegan, and of course, The World’s Best Meat Eating Vegan (the difference is vital).

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